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 -Under the guidance of a certified dog behaviourist.

 -Experienced in behaviour and learning principles needed to effectively train your dog.

 -Indoor, enclosed training centre, offering a large variety of training devices and materials.

 -Option of training at your home or at any other suitable location, such as the park, woods, or the beach.

 -Possibility of trying out a new discipline, such as Detection or Hoopers.

 -Available for consultation in cases where there are mild behavioural problems.

 -All aspects of training are made-to-measure; no standard advice or exercises.

 -Personal attention and quick results due to one-on-one coaching.

 -Suitable for puppies and young dogs – a highly effective learning process.

 -Improvement of specific behaviours. For instance, strolling next to you without pulling on the lead, a reliable recall, staying calm when other dogs and joggers pass by, attention for the owner, no jumping up to greet visitors or other people, no eating of anything off the ground, social behaviour with other dogs etc.

 -Minimal distraction and stimulus-free training environment.

 -Suited to dogs and owners who would rather train individually instead of in a group.

 -Suitable for dogs who show signs of aggression or fear towards people or other dogs.

 -Training by appointment, you determine the number of sessions, length and frequency.



 Personal Training at the MDogs Training Centre:

1x 30 min session: € 32,50
1x 60 min session: € 65,-

 Contact us for additional information about personal training at home or on location because of the extra travelling expenses which could be involved.

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