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Emotion & Behaviour Training 

-under the guidance of a certified dog behaviourist-

Did you follow courses with your dog, but do you experience some issues that you cannot solve?

Does your dog show insecure, anxious or agressive behaviour at other dogs? Has it become difficult to have a nice relaxed walk together?

Does your dog run after bikers or joggers?

Is it impossible to receive visitors in your house because of your dog's inpolite behaviour?


Would you like to break the vicious circle and achieve a positive change for the future?

Do you have an open mind for new insights and are you prepaired to do things different differently?
Would you like to know what works for your dog, in order to get results?

Emotion & Behaviour Training
Made-to-measure behaviour training. 
We will reset your dog from the inside, in order to achieve new behaviour on the outside. 

What does Emotion & Behaviour Training mean?

In this private behaviour training we will focus on emotions of your dog, since behaviour is driven by emotions.
Taking into consideration that a dog is an individual animal with its own caracter, breed specific behaviour and intrinsic needs. Working with realistic opportunities as well as limits.

We will go deeper into subjects like safety, self-control, self-confidence and a clearly two-way communication.  The purpose is a balanced dog on a fysical, mental and emotional level, in order for him to function well in different settings with natural obedience.

You will get real life practice with the assistance of our own dog Jools, a Rhodesian Ridgeback female of 5 years old.

Furthermore :

  • how to work with leash handling, guidance and bounderies, preventing stress or frustration.
  • recognize body language and stress signals in your dog.
  • teach your dog how to switch from arousal to settle down
  •  for all dogs and ages

Emotion & Behaviour Training 
Price: personal training for about 45 minutes costs € 57,-


*movement video analyses.
*real life practice with assistent dog depending on the isssues.
*theoretical support according to recent scientific insights in the field of dogbehaviour. 

Please contact for additional information about Emotion & Behaviour Personal Training because of the extra travelling expenses which could be involved outside Wassenaar.

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