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MDOGS Training & Advice - Tailor made training for your dog

Certified behavioural counselor for dogs as well as an official instructor of the Hoopes Dog sport Academy.
I am a member of the Dutch O&O organization for instructors, I am registered with the SPPD, the so-called platform for professional animal counselors and I am a member of APDT; International Association of Pet Dog Trainers. I exchange expertise with my colleague dog counselors. 

My name is Miriam Nijdam-May (1972) 

Through my passion for this field I endeavor to help you to achieve a better understanding with your dog, solving possible behavioural problems or at least getting them under control. My aim is a social, relaxed and obedient dog that is able to cope with all day-to-day affairs. To work with dogs is very rewarding indeed and once you understand the way in which dogs learn you are better able to achieve your (training) goals. Basically it is all about a solid relationship between dog and his owner. With my knowledge and experience I am able to advise and guide you throughout the course of your made-to-measure training. 

Way of working
The way I operate is based on a healthy mutual understanding and communication between dog and his owner. It all has to do with trust, respect and cooperation, keeping in mind the emotional, mental and physical needs of the dog. Each dog is unique with an individual character. 

My vision is based on rewarding proper behaviour without unnecessary pressure or stress, all the time responding to the dog’s own initiative. The final aim is a strong bond between dog and its owner and a free and obedient dog, based on emotional, mental and physical well-being. 
Each dog is unique in its own way and should be seen as and approached as an individual.
Emotion drives behaviour.

Working together with Lobbes Doggy Daycare
MDogs works together with Lobbes Doggy Daycare. We are both located at 1e Mientlaan in Katwijk (just next to Wassenaar). The pack of dogs works well for the socialization during the puppy course.
MDogs also works at Lobbes Doggy Daycare including during the pension (holiday) periods.

Our MDogs Training Centre has a private indoor training facility.

Through MDOGS  we offer tailored training and advice.
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