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Does your dog display undesired behaviour?
MDogs can help you through behaviour counselling with specialist advice, knowledge and coaching.

Goals to achieve for example: 
-relaxed walking instead of pulling on the lead.
-no house wrecking, soiling while being alone.
-calmness instead of overactivity.
-no chasing of people, animals or traffic.
-no agression or fear towards people, animals, objects.


Working on behaviour of a dog is different then teaching a dog obedience skills like sit, stay or lay down.
For a dog with behavioural issues you need the expertise of a dog behaviourist to help you with changing the behaviour of your dog.  
A dog behaviourist who has specialist knowledge and experience in this field and has completed a dedicated course of study for this highly responsible profession. There is a big difference between the education, and therefore knowledge, of a dogtrainer versus a dog behaviourist. Ask your dog behaviourist for specific diplomas or proof of qualified education if it is not written on his or her website.

A dog behaviourist helps the dog owner to gain an insight into the behaviour of his dog and provides support during the process of changing undesired behaviour to desired behaviour. In the course of behaviour counselling, both the dog and the situation are examined. The dog's behaviour problems and body language are observed, the causes are determined and a proper diagnosis is made if possible. 
We start with
 a session by phone to dicuss the unwanted behaviour of  your dog and how we will go about it. Then we will scedule the first home visit to start working at the unwanted behaviour.
A unique treatment is advised in order to adress and minimise the behaviour problems.
This treatment plan is specific to your situation and your dog, since each dog is an individual and no behaviour problems or situations are entirely alike. 
You will get the necessary insights, knowledge and tools to use independently during training and the life of your dog. The purpose of behavioural counselling is to make the problem manageable, aiming for a lasting solution (so no quick fix). This includes adjusting to a new way of life with your beloved dog.

In order to maximise results, you receive my personal guidance and attention throughout this proces - to make it work more easily and you are not alone in this process.
We remain in close contact to discuss the progress, to see whether you are on the right track. We identify any bottlenecks and if necessary, we can adjust the plan. It's your own responsibility to keep me posted in order for me to provide the right support and coaching.
A week or two after the first home visit we will have a second trainingsession, in which we 
have follow up with possible new exercises or management. We discuss the progress in order to see if exercises need to be changed, simplified or in any way adjusted. 

Behavioural counselling consultation including 3 sessions:

-In preparation, fill in a detailed questionnaire, also provide a record video of the behaviour.
-First we will scedule a 45-minute session by phone, to discuss the unwanted behaviour and treatment.
-After that we start with the first home visit (around 1,5 till 2 hours duration) with observation, analyses and determination of the causes, practical advice and exercises.
-Customized advice and treatment that you start to implement by yourself.
-A second visit, around 1 hour appointment at your house as a follow up.
-Advice and coaching for up to 2 months after the initial consultation, with contact by Phone, email or video.
-Important theoretical information additioning the issue.

Behavioural counselling consultation around € 250,- in Wassenaar.
The costs will be given by price estimate depending on the problem and adress. 
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